Adam’s written a book, The Road is an Unfinished Song, all about our first two years on the road.

You may know that we made a life changing decision, to sell our home in Hastings and buy a small campervan with the proceeds. With nothing to fall back on, no plan B and a world of uncertainty we hit the road to try to make a living as musicians, at first by playing small time gigs in bars, cafes and busking in between. Now you can read all about it. Come with us on our journey as we cut the ties and head off into the unknown across the UK, mainland Europe, New Zealand and beyond. The Road is an Unfinished Song is a travelogue and memoir of the first two years of our journey and it’s available right now on kindle and in paperback and hardback:

“I can genuinely highly recommend this book. It is so entertaining and so well written. A delight.” Tom Fairnie

“Just got the kindle version of the book, loving it.” Pip Gilbert